Hair Cuts & Styles

FB Ladies Cut 65.00 (30 Mins)

A hair cut designed for the individual needs of a woman. Frankie understands that a woman’s hair is different, and has different needs. He also understands that your hair cut is a big part of your personal appearance which is why he keeps his style of cutting very classic and timeless.

Bang Trim – FREE (5 min.)

We are dedicated to helping you maintain your new cut and style. A bang trim is one of the ways we help you maintain your style at no charge. Simply give us a call and advise you would like to come in for a bang trim and we will give you the best time of day so that you are in and out in a flash!

Blow Dry – 45.00 (15-20 min.)

We will wash and condition your hair with our wonderful line of Phyto products then give you an awesome blow-dry and style leaving you set for any function, the evening out or just because you wanted to pamper yourself!

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