Hair Color

Single Process Color – 65.00 (60 min.)

All color treatments begin with a consultation with Frankie and our expert colorist, Sharona. Together, you decide on the best haircolor for you. Then just sit back and relax.

Full-Head Highlights (Starting at) – $135.00 (150 min.)

Partial Highlights (Starting at) – $115.00 (120 min.)

Part (Starting at) – $85.00 (90.00)

Highlights are carefully applied with a fine weave through your hair to add a natural looking extra dimension to your overall color. We will not do chunks!

Double-Process – 100.00 (90-120 minutes)

This is called a Double-Process because we do just that. The first color step acts as a filler for the blonde hair which has no pigment. After this has processed accordingly, we go back through and apply a permanent color – achieving the richness level of brunette desired.

Single Process w/ Partial Highlights (Starting at) – $125.00 (90 min.)

Single Process w/ Part (Starting at) – $100.00 (60 min.)

This two-step process incorporates a single color for the base and either highlights or a lighter/darker shade of color, finely woven for the most natural look of variation in your hair color.

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